What is R.E.A.D.?

R.E.A.D. (Reading Enrichment and Development) is a dynamic early reading program for children at many levels of literacy. At 4 months old, the youngest children join us for an extension of their earliest reading experiences – being read to while sitting in their caregiver’s lap. The oldest children, five-year-olds, explore texts and begin the process of independent reading. In most classes, parents attend and participate with their children, learning techniques to use at home. We tailor our programs based on the different stages of child development, taking into account the levels and interests of different age groups to give each a strong foundation for independent reading. Movement, music, acting, art, and themed activities anchor the program. Through creative play, children develop their skills and, more importantly, bring books and language into their daily lives.

What is R.E.A.D.’s mission?

Our aim is to create an encouraging, supportive environment that is conscious of child development. Classes are designed to offer children and their parents opportunities to explore language and the joy of reading. We will help instill a love of books that will last a lifetime and give your child the confidence and motivation needed to become a successful reader.

What should I expect from a class?

The format for all classes is basically the same, with the content varying in sophistication according to the age group. Each class revolves around a theme (e.g. bears or transportation) that changes every week. This theme is incorporated into all activities, from books to songs to games to snacks. Parents or caregivers attend with their children. Children are encouraged to check out a backpack that contains books, toys, CDs, or DVDs of a specific theme. The backpack can be exchanged for a new one after each class.

What does a typical parent/child class entail?

Classes begin with parents, children, and staff gathered on the rug as a whole group for a shared reading experience. Activities include welcoming our mascot, Willoughby, finding your “spot” on the alphabet rug (first letter of your child’s name), and reading a nursery rhyme and a theme-related book. We use music and movement to keep children involved, and to maintain the play aspect of learning. While the first part of the class is mostly teacher directed, the second half takes place in the adjacent room – the literacy center. This room provides an opportunity for children to select activities based on their own interests and natural curiosity. We then return to the first room and conclude with a snack, another theme-related book, and a closing activity.

What should I expect from my child?

No two children are the same, and responses to the class may differ. Some children are more likely to sit back and observe each class, while others jump right in. There is no right or wrong reaction. Over the course of the session, a shy child may get courageous and participate more. Even if your child is not active in class, keep listening – children bring what they learn home! Your child may surprise you by bringing you a book to read when they have previously shown no interest, or by singing a song from class. Regardless of whether your child is dancing to the music in class or merely smiling during a particularly silly nursery rhyme, s/he is taking something important from it – a love of reading.

What should I expect as a parent?

This class is designed to make positive connections between you, your child, and reading. No matter how old they are, children remember times where they felt happy and close with their parents. Incorporating books into those special times helps children associate reading with positive feelings. As a parent, keep in mind that you are your child’s first and most influential teacher, and that our classes are built on active parent participation. If you are having a good time and singing or clapping along, your child may have a more fun experience as well. In addition, you may discover tricks and tactics to use when you are reading to your child at home.

What is R.E.A.D.'s refund policy?

A maximum refund of 50% of the remaining tuition is given if your child is unable to attend or finish the session. If a class you have signed up for is canceled by R.E.A.D., you will be offered alternate options or a refund. Make-up classes in place of classes missed are welcome if space permits.